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About What Happing To The Server
First My Real NIck is OUSSAMA CS 2015 , If u Think 100/100 That I am The responsble For what Happing to The server Dont Read The Rest U will Wast ur Time Confused Confused
An Admin Called darius, He warned me In zm_ice_attack3 To stop Bhop,I told Him thats 1 Jump, He stop talking then after 5 min i Got Banned Without Warning.I try to remove The Unfair Ban .With MEssin With The Router's CFG..I Broke My router,But I fix it Later,After That I try TO Reconnect To The Server.I was The happiness Man when The server Accept mE..But Really And really I was Suprised When I find Bots And Having Speed,WTF... After I think That Guven Try To Fix Low Players Probleme,But Abs came and He Told Me that NO admin add bots,Any way I Disconnect..Tomorrow I Find CO2 camplain me that I am the responsble.I refuse The responsblity At all,But after That ,I was Thinking that If I am the responsble..With messi With The router And Get Many Adredd Ip And When I conect The Bots Connect With Me..Yes I think that i am the The responble .. FOR A WHILE..Before Bots Beginnig Insult.F*** YOUR MOM..Thats Make Me Very relaxed Wink Wink Because I didnt CFG any think of that..And What Make more relaxed The DDOS attack Who crash The server..I want Just To Know How admins Think That I am Playing And I have More than 200 ammo And Fix That In Ur MinD.I was PLAYING ..and I wll crash the server..What I hade 4 Hands For example..NO Dude ..The Old admins Know Me Know My Play..Know That I am fair player..Anyway This All what I got..I AM NOT THE RESPONBLE Angel Angel Dodgy Dodgy Huh Huh
Any way I think This Is The Responsble Of All That
Im not activ this days but i see this prob today and i catch him,he have a lot of steamd id nd his ip is still in 110.38 nd change the other numbers now i ban  this ip adresse we can ban
play with a lot of nicks (killer123,shani,wael,dindin..),he is a big kid and idiot,nd i think he dont have a good life that why he do that in games,nd he think that is funny cuz his mum dont show him to learn what is the funny nd what is the seriously
The wind cannot defeat a tree with strong root

i am sorry for, if you are not responsable for what happening, why bots said in chat : i am sorry for was here ?????????????????????????????????????????????
I am Not The responsble..Maybe He saw U Say That ..And He Use Against Me
test your exploit again
use your energy for more useful things... i always tell brains work for useles s things.

Scripts and codes, those shortcuts, only for useless and brainless people cause those things only for lazy people lazy people rate % 99.9
so no sens you are not special.

You want to do cheat your family, to your friends or your girl friend or wife... or to your kids, NO DUTY OR RESPONSIBLTY SO YOU FAILED ABOUT LIFE

Brains work for shits at all, effords for vpn or proxsies good but for useless things, until now i have never seen some ones using vpn or proxy for our game server directory list (just below) but i use vpn for vote.

Note: i always visit the other servers and i see their solutions, i know what is ddos or exploits and i know to defend server or manage firewall, long time ago start to manage for it cause long time ago the other game hostings started to attack us.
I am Not Idiot To Write I am Sorry Was here and I came to you and say i am not the responsble..Use ur Mind

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