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Gaming Review: Call of Counter-Strike Infinite Battlefront of Global Warfare 2018
I am Member since 2014 and I'm glad to share you this awesome gaming review. This modification called CS allStars it's like ProMod, but based on the goldsource engine. The code name of this patch is "Call of Counter-Strike Infinite Battlefront of Global Warfare"


Read the instructions completely you will need an original copy of Counter-Strike 1.6. You can purchase it on Steam. Please remember that illegal copies of the game are not supported by this release/patch.

This addon -hailed by critics- gives you all the best weapons, camos, vehicles and more in one simple package. Jump into the epic battles in this critically acclaimed first-person shooter and use all your resources and play to your strengths to carve your own path to victory. They’ve experienced the future of first-person shooters. And now it’s your turn.

I'm awaiting your feedback and suggestions.
you are member since 2014 but i   never seen your nick in server , any way good subject , but if this game is purchase i   steam you dont need to spam gamebanana
(09-29-2017, 09:47 AM)CO2 Toxik Wrote: you are member since 2014 but i   never seen your nick in server , any way good subject , but if this game is purchase i   steam you dont need to spam gamebanana

Hi Toxik, the patch is of course free to use and download, but it does not support non-steam versions.
i dont talk about versions , but about spam

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Counter strike 1.6 download is available on various trusted online websites. It is fast game that runs well on less up to date system. It is huge player’s community that allows the maximum players to join the action. It also allows you to choose variety of modes such as Zombie mode, death match and much more.
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