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One Of Best Opportunity Own to Knowledge and Life Skill
I think this is only a game community for most people finally everything for game and also mostly cs 1.6 servers open and close in the one year but our servers online since June 2011, if some one check our domain, can see we are active from 7 years...
Well who ever wants to learn somethings also here is a school and more than school, you can learn and own KNOWLEDGE in the here even 10 or more future job skill, lets look them now.

Firstly i want to say, be sure life never give a chance or hand and never make your job easy when you want to fit somethings stable or ifx and i am not a wise man but always ready to help team members but if you have knowledge yoy have better chance to fight vs life, so you can understand why KNOWLEDGE IS POWER

*Learning about google and google applications,
i do not think so some ones can tell google dies in the next 10 years, my idea google will countinou to dominate search engine world, probably they realise many different mobile and pc application, that those things change our life, they make somethings more easy for human life, also we can see google in the different areas may they send shutlle or rent space taxi out of world orbit. May they start genetic engineering or organic food production and more area releated with human life that we can not imagine them rgiht now.may you write a source code for google and that make you a millioner... why not

*Learn about google seo
This is billion bugged area for all big or other firms, advertsiments and commercials would get more big part of bugged cake year to year, here is a good practice area how react google how change google results how works and change google algorithm those are always would be important for every seller, i ca not bet i am a google seo specialist but my 7 years google seo experince really countable in the this world, i did many wrong apply and mistakes and so this is the best way about learning. yeah at the good times, i have seen 2 terrabyte traffic in the our domain, and big part was releated with web page visits (hit) and release download.

*Marketing and Stock Control
Well, you started to learn about google so also you understand google for stats and stats important for everything, weekend sale stats, black friday stats, special days stats, human beheviour, demography, those paremeters one of most important stats for google, what you search where you visit, your favorite web pages and videos, what you are searching to buy, those are most important paremeters in the search engine world that firms always need for it for current and future plans cause everything releated with money and those things connecting each other. You still learn for somethings ????

*Humans Source management,
Here is a team and people, everything starts with first step and follows the next may this is not universal firm but same basic rules always work, win people not to easy but loose them most easy thing in the wolrd, you want to built somethings so you need to manage labors and staff, human management only a word but also tons of book present for it.

*Human relation department
Yeah this is, again same as real life, may words looks again simple but everything releated with, human resources, industry, recruitment, trainig and marketing policy and service after sale. May my words has no sense but if you produce somethings and you want sale your product you need human relation how to works. What you can loose with a negative comment in the internet world.

*Web hosting management, usage and programs
again words but each category not to simple for learn need lont time study and practice, if you need more than cpanel use you way long and you are wellcome.

*Web design

OMG what is this, just go your way and loose... yeah you are right, may you never need to use css and php codes but details always important and first image and first look mostly important for last result.

*Web security,
i can guess, next 50 years or 100 this subject will be important and every year we see in the news about cyber attacks, i can not say i am specialist and i know basic rules for defend...

If you have a project or idea or translate to words what every you fell, if you do not have writing skill you can not share with people or or present to others, first google seo rule a good and detailed article for releated subject.

Those main titles or more, this community offer to learn many future releated know-how and own knowledge but what is your future plan, who are you, you are a manager or under management, what is your role in this life.
i have no word if you do not want chalange with somethings or do not want to learn, if you are not ready to chalange no one can help you and my words not for you. so you can not do somethings for yourself or some one.

This is only a stupid game community yes but when you do somethings or for what, when time comes for learn or fight for somethigs, when you stop to delay for life. When you are ready to do for somethings, or reject, for so you reject for your family or your kids to chalange with life.

Do you think life always easy, tell me do you know a job that earn money always too easy,
did you see any job advertisement and its conditions
-prone to teamwork (omg team works, are you sure you are part of a team... ever)
-ready to flexible working hours
-energetic and daynamic
-well communicate with other human.... etc etc
did you go ever to a job interview

i wont say we offer a job in the here but a good start point develop yourself and personal skill and begining of of most important steps.
You are right and thank you for everything useful to us   Big Grin Big Grin

if you work hard you will ger good result Wink
good article , thnx bro

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