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Why some cs 1.6 servers have players but we NO
This is not million dollar question*, why some of them have players like warzone and other Lithuanian some Russian servers always full, why we do not have players like old times... may they pray good to Allah and having players. I do not think so, may they pray yes but after work.

So how they have players, answer so simple they have position in the google search
How warzone community gives boost services, answer again simple they have first page position with google search

I have blog what need to do more; yes blog good start but a blog without visitors mean, your blog useless, need daily 5 minute spend with blog and add new contents
I have youtube chanel, youtube videos good also the other video portals too but if no one watch them, again uselsss, meed hits for every video

Even one man can change all google seach results with enough work, that takes only 3-4 weeks time, also even a man without legs can do same even a blind man to...
If some one really wants to do somethings he does and be successful, Who ever demanded responsibility and when i have rejected him/her, everything releated with man on duty, if you are not do somethings for yourself, i can not ask this question.

Competitors never sleep they work hard more from past, i see they are active and they check their web sites with seo checker websites results, that mean they still work for more players.

Only my Question, ask yourself, how many articles do you have at the past week or past month or from begining, how many web 2.0 share do you have at the past month, how many public forum shares do you have at the last times. So if servers do not have players, somethings missing, that mean no one did enough work or show enough efford.

if some one really worry about servers, he/she does somethings or come to me for ask what need to do, as i said, who ready to work and take responsibility, i give him needed rights and access.

Do you believe you did everything just what need
some communties demand payment for admin privilages and some do not care about admins they work for community or no but i have seen server admins work for their community and cs 1.6 servers, i have seen 100 forum shares in the one month at the past times,  may they are not human or from mars, may i totaly talk wrong but i see people work for their community and those servers mostly close in the some moths or change owner and mostly those are stupid servers like Jail etc. even this community active from 2011, so what is your role with us are team mate or no, those young men work for their community, are you a man or no.

You are a warrior or retreat or surrender, every man choose his way, fight with difficulties vs with life or retreat, you are tired and you want to rest okke even i do not hope you do somethnigs for some one or community but when your time comes for fight.

You'll have time to rest when you're dead.


I am wrong or they are wrong but really somethings wrong, look to picture at the bottom, why still present cs 1.6 fans and they work for servers even their community offer to nothing like us, % 1 percentage oppotunity do not present with the other communities like us they give nothing or offer, i share knowledge or tring to teach people if they want, go and ask King Dark, his Linux skill developed or no in the last 5 years or more IT skill to.

First days of 2018, omg people doing publicate for their cs 1.6 servers "Gods must be crazy" fool stupid people, doing search and work. This is only one sample, more and more sample presnt i hsre only 1 image so it gives idea

here one of web site seo cheker site, it gives about results seo releated, mostly i see the competitors, checking their results, i am not just sure they just know what they are doing.

thnx bro for this good subject , i think we dont give fun for players because all items are very expensive , look at clarion , just connected = unlimited clip + 40 ammo , jetpack = 30 ammo ( you can fly in first round ) , golden ak = 30 ammo , they give fun for players , for this clarion is always full , the question is not if google will die in next 10 years , but the question is if google will help us for attract players , i think it is the time for change settings , and try other way , we have try to redirtect to CSO , why not try other settings
all players want fun
the secret for attract players and keep them in our servers is settings
if google attract players in our servers , and they will see that jp is 130 ammo , they will left bcz they want fly early , not maybe at the end of map
players want only fun , they can paid for fun , we must give them fun , players want fly up with jp , why we make it 130 ammo , they must play all map for maybe can buy jp
we can not attract players if we do not have position in the google
how you give as sample clarion, who is owner of it, more than half player there afk (bot) or spect bots

past 3-4 years only people cried for 2 maps, worst 2 zombie map,  like in the other zombie servers non stop open restart_v3 and milles_v2

at the past 12 moths how many article do you have with how many words, how many web 2.0 shares

did you do any program and plan and followed it ????

did you come and ask me about your any share for critic releated with google target... any time are we talk about any of your article ?????

we start to tell lie to each other ??????????????????

**** your blog how many hit gets per month

**** your videos how many times watching per month
my blog have 146 visits , but we still empty
i have shared in 27 websites, but we still empty
for this , i have made a comparison between us and other servers and i   have distinguished the difference , and the diffrence is game settings

i have do programm , but we have talk in fb ,   and you said that you cant disbale rage guard , so my plan is dead
you did not ask me anything even a word, what ever you did without my guidance, didnt count my 7 years experince and if you think what i did until now without faultless, you are wrong
also no TEAM WORK
bro i  belive at you and your guidance , i believe that you are good teacher , but i have plan and program and you dont want bisable rage guard just for 1 week ,   i want to add bots in zm also ask you for change some settings , i have try this before in gungame and it work well , and i want do same in zm , and i  want team work with you and with all admins , ask absolute , i asked him to work together , i dont want work alone , but i want attract players in our servers , i want try all ways , blog , google , change settings ,, add bots .............my one and only purpose is to make our servers full
people do not understand my messages
look to 2th picture pls and try to understand what i meant
turkish CS 1.6 servers publicate

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