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Full Version: Counter Strike 1.6 Download CS 1.6 With BOTS and Zombie Mod Addons
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Counter Strike, CS 1.6 fuLL Game Download (pc version) and Zombie Plague 4.3 mod With Bots, Amx mod x installed, HLDS server ready to creat

This Version Already come with working counter strike addons and plugins and already we use most of them in the our zombie plague server, also our competitors can download it too Big Grin also some uniq plugin from our orginal cs 1.6 zombie server world war z, plague mod but certan if you want to own your personal cs 1.6 game server your way still long, this versoin really helpful to beginers and new server manager but you need to more study about plugins and especally security, follow the and download latest dproto and also need other serverside fixes and anti counter strike 1.6 crash tools. My advice first choose some simple plugins and localy compile them with amx studio, and send them plugins directory /cstrike/addons/amxmodx/plugins and also do not forget to and plugins.ini (just full name) server management not to easy and never use ready addons, test everything one by one and after every new plugin check log files and simple do control error-logs already i use old server side amx mod x version but also if you want you can update current metamod file and version, after simple works you can try more complicated plugins like need ekstra uploads to server side with sound, model and module do not forget alway check version compatibility try to understand what just you need so latest version do not mean always the best one. There is 2 most important 3th party module Orpheu and Gelileo and i use one old version orpheu that some plugins workng with it without bug problem. I alway use for first plugin resource and usually i look the other members comment and there is mor hint can find if you live some problem with your plugin, sure for me bug mean firstly plugin releated server crash problems so read the others comment usually help and you find alternative fixed sma files.

This is the open source and open public release so also open for new ideas and advices, time to time update this version and if people demand i can add new plugins and addons and finally v34 update leaked.

Full Counter Strike 1.6 game(full game)
Comes with default registry that mean you do not need to add any serial no or key
FuLL Zombie Plague Server copy (working zombie server addons, you can start it like the other servers also can play on LAN)
Files: Repack
Size: 343 Mb.
Archive Type: Winrar

zp_dm_items.amxx (Present Boxses)
grab_plus.amxx (Player Grabing )
shield_force.amxx (Force field shield)
Leap (Zombie Long Jump)
Multi Jump (2 li sıçrama)
Last Man Unlimited Ammo



Maps With Bots


Zombie Action

Survivor Mod (One vs aLL)

Hung Zombies Burning

Present Boxses(Already bind to f5)

Grab Action (Nemesis Fling) "f1 +f2" or "f1 +f3"

Basic Bot Add  With PodBot Menu

write to consol "pb menu" or amxx_podbotmenu, follow the pictures

How to server

Open the game and choose "new game" or start HLDS server.

How to add admin yourself

Follow the directory way  cstrike\addons\amxmodx\configs  and add your nick to users.ini (or Game ID)
"zombimanv33" "1234512345" "abcdefghijklmnopqrstu" "a" is sample _pw choose your nick and add how you want.

Fast Admin Menu "ban slay kick vote map" Fast Acces  to admin commands (H Key)

Entering server with  _pw

Type your_pw from game consol before the enter to server
setinfo "_pw" "1234512345"  (sample _pw)

DOWNLOAD CS 1.6 With Zombie BOTS :

Change Logs: new version released, now pack include latest added maps and also some fixes and optimisations (still can add some 3th party fix but i am not sure about those second hand dll files) but i have a server browser fix you wait some for until next release. New version calls v34 and pack setup file, removed some unwanted installation steps and installation starts after 3 clicks later, now jetpack + bazooka plugin added to this version and be sure i found most stable latest release for zombie plague 4.3 (fix5a) and player can shoot when flying or on the air that mean jetpack already active after take to hand a gun, a last point when your fuel finish or almost finished you start to fly with fart gas or just fart power for fly also updated podbot version (only dll) and now bots more smart and they reload only when their bullet just finish but i am not sure they are more smart still they camp (already their camp time 0) anyway for me users comment important enjoy for new version.

so you reuploaded it nice bro
great work guven thx Smile

done i got it and my best score Tongue

Big Grin nice Big Grin
hey guven its been a long time now since i've been here but i have a problem....
how can i be admin without using the name zombimanv33?pls help....thanks
you need to go your counterstrike foler> shearsh for addouns>open file User.ini>add your nick and pw Big Grin

also u can write this in your console:
amx_addadmin "new name" "abcdefghijklmnopqrstu"

once time needed then you can be admin with any name
but if he left the game he will not admin i gived him the best and the easy one Big Grin
because your user.ini are read only Tongue

how to fix
right click on the file, "user.ini" and then click Properties.
click the general tab, clear the read only check box and then click ok
edit and save your file as needed Big Grin
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