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Full Version: Kill Consol Command Disabled For CS 1.6 WWZ Zombie Server
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One of most annoying player action, they do not want to start and play with first zombie and they mostly use kill consoll command...
Personaly i tested result and and share with team, now kill command totaly disabled for wwz zombie server.
good job bro and thnx
Kill cammand is okay but first zombie has never seen after 2 months :V empty :V
Guven bro can you remoove option m6 (go spectator) from menu ?? thnx
I agree with CO2, players has always used m6 when they are zombie.

its also done, i did some edit to main zm plague plugin but already got a back-up from old one

*players directly can join to spect at the begining of game
*admin can open team-balance menu and send a player spect
*M 6 option disabled from menu

here image

Good job bro and thnx