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Full Version: APlly FOR ADMIN (4th)
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real name :MOHAMMED

nickname :MrX

steam ID or name if non steam :STEAM_0:1:13197794

the server you want to apply for :Worl War Z (Zombie Plague) JACKASS

age :20

Gender :Male

country :Algeria

about you :im a student resim nd i respect all admins/players , i understand amxmodmenu.. nd i want to help in the server resim

online hours :7-8h per day 
Languages: :Arabic+Fransh+English

why you want to be admin in our server :[b]because there are a lot of bhoper and speedhack when do not exist any admin,really is boring to play with cheater we need to keep server clean..[/b]

face book :

My video : (Playlists) 


My blogger :


                                                                                                           ~~Thank you~~
+1 for me

Good luck.
+1 good and old player , you respect all in server , i dont know if i can give you +5 lol
+ 1 Good Luck !
+ 1 good luck testhal kther mrn 5 hhhhh
Mrx, Guven will talk you soon
Thank you so much all <3
(01-04-2018, 01:12 PM)CO2 Toxik Wrote: [ -> ]Mrx, Guven will talk you soon

OK ,, I'm waiting him  Smile
Great old speed hacker -1
(01-05-2018, 09:16 AM)Rahul.N Wrote: [ -> ]Great old speed hacker -1

i swear , i never use any hack..
give me ur prove if u want to belive u
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