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Full Version: admin apply
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real name : sami

nickname : scorpion

steam ID or name if non steam : scorpion

the server you want to apply for : [b]World War Z (Zombie Plague) JACKASS[/b]

age : 22 

Gender : male

country : algeria

about you : im a fan of this server im playing in it more than 5 years.

online hours : 4 to 6 per day

Languages: arabic,english,french,and germany

why you want to be admin in our server : i want to help other players by kicking cheaters whos not playing fairly

Skype Adress: liveConfusedamylonis91

facebook :
+1 good luck
(01-04-2018, 06:22 PM)CO2 Toxik Wrote: [ -> ]+1 good luck

Thnx co2 bro i apperciate it
+1 good luck
i will check your activity on server and than i'll vote
scorpion lazem tela3 les video ou les bloger bach tedi admin

if you work hard you will ger good result
scorpion , lazem dir blog w tela3 les video fel youtube w f les sites kima dailymotion .................
d accord mes frère
You must create blog with enough contents and video and share your work in social media.

Good luck.