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Full Version: Apply for admin
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real name : saad

nickname : skizo

steam ID or name if non steam : blindfeith

the server you want to apply for : [b]World War Z (Zombie Plague) JACKASS[/b]

age : 18

Gender : male

country : morocco

about you : im a fan of this server im playing in it more than 6 years.

online hours : 4 to 6 per day because i study.

Languages: arabic,english,french,

why you want to be admin in our server : i want to help other players by kicking cheaters whos not playing fairly
I'll check your gameplay for one week so i'll vote for you.

Good luck.
skizo you dont play always but some times , try to join more hours and i will give you +1
+1 good luck
+1 u good player skizo Big Grin