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Counter Strike 1.6 DOWNLOAD |With +Bots| Full mod Addons Plugins - guven - 04-14-2013


Counter strike 1.6 download, with bots version, orginal cs 1.6 download bots, cs 1.6 indir botlu deathmatch mod if you ask and search how i can download cs 1.6 botlu download, how to add bot to cs 1.6, here right adress, this is not a setup installation just extract files unzip/unrar on your desktop or anywhere on your hard drive and your online game ready to work, this is working full cs 1.6 game and download link fast cause we use our http web adress, also offline mod possible with pod bot, finally this is online full free non steam game but optional  installed amx mod x (amxmod, meta mod and dproto for non steamers)  bot auto joining to server, bot count changeable with command, installed game mod is deatmatch, rebel uprising clan official release, cs 1.6 download with bots. Ready to play after download and no need any install, just repack and riped steam copy include non steam patch and revolution emulator protocol 47-48 (working for both version)  set bot camp time 0 reduce their camp but still they camp some, the other important change bots IQ now better and they move more smart, especially their strange jump really funny and also make them more danger, by the way, with face to face actioin bots always have advantage cause their reaction time really incredible. With this counter strike version you can do gameplay practices vs bots you can test any 3th party plugins and optimise them how ever you like also LAN game possible with friends (this option depends how many player you have in your HUB) do not forget more player mean always more fun and also almost all maps what we use in th our servers, sure also server list (with game menu and at the favorites you find them) admin menu without any plugin, stable game engine default interface but added a diffrent background theme i hope you like, a small notice do not change map directly and use amx_map command for map changes so you wont live any game crash problem.

With new update and release i have added all gungame maps way-points and all podbot (last 2 years total many new map added also some old maps to) stable version with online play also LAN game with 32 players possible, and Half-Life (still one of most popular online LAN game in the summer resident's cyber cafes) only crossfire map present, i have removed all other half-life maps. Server side all files founctinal and working but for a real server my advice that who ever wants to use them for a real game server, need to update lates fixes and security updates, shortly need to follow security updates from releated source and forums like i use old amx mod 1.8.1 with my servers but new dproto versions supporting both 1.8.2 and 1.8.3 amx mod x versions also orpheu modul to need to add cause block some fake player joiner blockers need orpheu module. If we think every year new exploits release also server crash tools, i guess some one already has some new server crash exploits but not to public release yet (probably for new fix need release on youtube so programers find  a solution for it. Another advice use admin privileges for map change instead of change directly with map manu. Direct acces to game menu with key H i hope also cyber cafes prefer for this version cause with this version no need to use any password after format and creat a shortcut too easy and no need any consol command like -game -cstrike.

Version offer cs 1.6 download, install and better gameplay experince, if you feel you are not enough to fight with experinced players why not some practice before the challange with old-school players.

Potbot usage; i have added avarage count bot pb_maxbots 9 but with slow machines i recomend 5-6 bots, you can find releated PB config in the podbot.cfg file, and acces to other configs just look to way cstrike/addons/podbot directory and a short notice i never used that version for game server (if i do not count my newbie times)  but i did many practice for game server managemet and plugin testing, if you get any compile error with amx studio, look to error message and that will help you what is missing for compile so you know that what cs mod you add or activate a module. Podbot control also possbile with podbot-menu, kick or addbot, just use command from cconsol that amx_podbotmenu. Another useful admin tool is cs 1.6 admin commands menu or game control menu for server admins, easy to edit and it calls like normal player menu it is also editable and can personalise just find (use search option and look to /cstrike directory) commandmenu.txt with any text editor program and add or change your admin server commands, there is also many option for, counter strike 1.6 server admins with most using command like amx_kick and amx_ban and amx_gag, change map or vote map, direct access to plugin configs amxmodmenu.  

if you real counter strike 1.6 server admin you can manage current commandmenu.txt (find it with simple search where your game installed) with any text editor and replace map names with what mod you prefer and set releated maps instead of counter strike zombi plague maps, i will release some time later cs 1.6 admin command menu for different mods when i finish my current task.

DOWNLOAD Counter Strike 1.6 FuLL |With BOTs|:


Pack info:
Full counter strike 1.6
Release version: 48/ 4554
REVOLUTiON Emulator 9.81
Size: 294 mb
OS: XP/Vista/7 and 8
Total 113 Maps
Server List
Special Command Menu
Full Addons

DeathMatch 2.1.2 k
Blood effect
Gore effect
Bunny Hop
Multi Jump
WarmUp (knife fight)
Ultimate Sound
amx podbot menu
Granade Trail

System Requirements
500 MHz Processor (800 MHz recommended)
96 MB of RAM (128 MB recommended)
16 MB graphics card (32 MB+ recommended)
Internet connection for online play
Input - keyboard and mouse

Caps (from my computer):

counter strike 1.6 server, csdm mod, bots fight also weapen choose menu shown, only one timeyou choose your weapon and then come to hand after every respawn

cs 1.6 server, deathmatch mod, bosts throwing granade (bomb has trail) action starts, ak47 talks, be carefull bots have good aim



Maps with bots (deatmatch maps)


How to server

extract rar (no password) follow the pictures below




Also Special command menu comes with that version for newbie server admins (fast acces to slay, kick ban, vote map, vote ban and direct open map commands) activate key H


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RE: Counter Strike 1.6 DOWNLOAD FuLL version |With Bots| + Full mod Addons Plugins - `MoONWalKEr ~ - 04-14-2013

I downladed that nice work.

RE: Counter Strike 1.6 DOWNLOAD |With +Bots| Full mod Addons Plugins - ZeNuxX - 01-18-2014

GooD Work Bro

RE: Counter Strike 1.6 DOWNLOAD |With +Bots| Full mod Addons Plugins - Meezor - 01-18-2014

good job Smile

RE: Counter Strike 1.6 DOWNLOAD |With +Bots| Full mod Addons Plugins - deathgod_26 - 02-25-2014

guys, i downloaded this game! i cannot figure out how can i get some bots going on here!! i play at hard level! not a noob completely but i am not much familiar with CS! i just wanna improve my game! how can i get bots in this version of the game you have introduced? Confused

RE: Counter Strike 1.6 DOWNLOAD |With +Bots| Full mod Addons Plugins - eimad - 02-25-2014


the bots not work on all maps
if you want play with bots runs this maps only


have fun! Smile

RE: Counter Strike 1.6 DOWNLOAD |With +Bots| Full mod Addons Plugins - guven - 08-27-2016

New update, now version setup package, include most maps and all server side models... if some ones test it for bug report or change be good, also some client side files still old if any one have some updates and fixes i can add to new pack.

anyway, comments

RE: Counter Strike 1.6 DOWNLOAD |With +Bots| Full mod Addons Plugins - the Dark Knight - 09-05-2016

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