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apply for admin - ReBel PL4y3R - 12-30-2017

Real name : Granit Mustafa

Nickname : ntiii

steam ID or name if non steam: STEAM_0:02127695426

the server you want to apply for : Zombie Plague World War Z

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Country: Kosovo

About you: I am Granit Mustafa , i am 16 years old and i am student, i like to help the others, and i respect everyone

Online hours:

Languages: Albanian , English , French and German, but French and German just a little

why you want to be admin in our server: because i saw many players use bhop when no online admin and protect the server from hacker

msn (messenger) or Skype Adress: I don't have Skype

face book page (minimum 2 years old) :

Reference: CO2, Absolute

RE: apply for admin - Rahul.N - 12-31-2017

i will recommend you to apply for helper first , because you will be admin after helper not directly by an application. so first be helper and prove yourself as an good (helper) admin. my vote is +1 for helper (may change afterwards , depends upon your activity and behaviour with the players) Good Luck

RE: apply for admin - CO2 Toxik - 12-31-2017

+1 , good and old player , good luck

RE: apply for admin - Absolute - 12-31-2017

+1 good guy and old player

Good luck

RE: apply for admin - Anas DanGeR : - 01-01-2018

+1 , you really deserve it , you old player , i will be happy if you become admin , Good Luck . Heart

RE: apply for admin - Aerox - 01-01-2018

+ 1 Good Luck !

RE: apply for admin - MOHRATH ALG - 01-02-2018

+1 good luck

RE: apply for admin - guven - 01-05-2018

is this apply still active ?
applier can find me on Facebook

RE: apply for admin - ZR123456789 - 01-11-2018

+1 good luck