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Apply for admin - ski___zo - 01-12-2018

real name : saad

nickname : skizo

steam ID or name if non steam : blindfeith

the server you want to apply for : [b]World War Z (Zombie Plague) JACKASS[/b]

age : 18

Gender : male

country : morocco

about you : im a fan of this server im playing in it more than 6 years.

online hours : 4 to 6 per day because i study.

Languages: arabic,english,french,

why you want to be admin in our server : i want to help other players by kicking cheaters whos not playing fairly

RE: Apply for admin - Absolute - 01-12-2018

I'll check your gameplay for one week so i'll vote for you.

Good luck.

RE: Apply for admin - CO2 Toxik - 01-13-2018

skizo you dont play always but some times , try to join more hours and i will give you +1

RE: Apply for admin - Rahul.N - 01-13-2018

+1 good luck

RE: Apply for admin - D3NTR3 - 01-13-2018

+1 u good player skizo Big Grin